Online Group Therapy


Caution fatigue is a real thing!

When our brains perceive a threat, an alarm sounds. Next, stress hormones and the sympathetic nervous system engage. Overtime our brains adjust to sound of these alarms, just like car alarms, do those feel like a threat or an irritation?

Because of  social isolation we may be struggling to contextualize all of the “alarms” and information coming at us on a daily basis. Learning WITH OTHERS can help us process and promote mental health. We are happy to be offering online group therapy for stress management and self care. These groups are pay as you can. To register for group therapy please call – 904-405-4969.

Stress Management 101 and Art Therapy for Self Care

Facilitated by Keesha Williams BS, Graduate Student Intern

Dream Group – Via Zoom – June 2020

Carl Jung believed that dreams contain messages from our unconscious & even the collective unconscious. In this group, we will follow this thread to see where it leads us. Guided by Jungian Dream Theory & the book Unexpected Miracles by David Richo we will share our dreams and benefit from the group’s reflections. As participants, we will be enriched by hearing & working with dreams other than our own; learning dream work by doing it together. The only requirement is that you love dreams want to learn about your own dream process. Format: 8 weekly or biweekly 2 hour session. $160 for 8 sessions. Facilitated Lori Beard MS, LMHC

Screenshot 2020-06-11 at 6.36.45 PMThe therapy groups that we offer provide a supportive and experiential approach to specific mental health goals. Group therapy is an ongoing weekly hour-long meeting that can serve as a stand-alone treatment, as an addition to individual therapy or as a transition from weekly individual therapy to the conclusion of therapy.