Groups & Workshops

screenshot-2017-11-04-at-12-49-27-pm.pngThe Group Therapy and Workshops that I offer provide a supportive and experiential approach to specific mental health goals. Group therapy is an ongoing weekly hour-long meeting that can serve as a stand-alone treatment, as an addition to individual therapy or as a transition from weekly individual therapy to the conclusion of therapy. Workshops are intensive goal-oriented weekend sessions 2-4 hours in length.

Upcoming Group and Workshop schedule:

The Power of You – Women’s Empowerment Group

Mondays 5:30 – 6:30 (or sometimes later depending on number of group members) – Monthly commitment required

Topics covered will include:

Assertiveness & Communication Skills

In many cases, communication problems are the result of lack of assertiveness skills. It can be difficult to know how assertive we are. In some situations, we may feel very capable of being assertive but in other situations, we notice that we are not really expressing how we feel or what we think. Later on, we may feel misunderstood, perhaps overcommitted, or feel upset and frustrated for not speaking up. Together, we will learn assertiveness techniques, with plenty of practice in the group setting.

Mindfulness & Meditation

We have all heard of the many physical and emotional benefits of mindfulness and meditation. However, setting aside time to learn and practice can be a challenge. Join us as we come together in a supportive learning environment to learn the techniques, discuss the difficulties and experience the benefits of mindfulness and reconnecting with our inner world.

CBT for Insomnia

According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, CBT-I can be an effective treatment for chronic insomnia. The skills learned in CBT-i teach the body to “reset” it’s sleep system. These skills are also shown to improve mood and reduce symptoms of anxiety.

Additional Group/Workshop Offerings

#Me Too Survivors Group

If you have found yourself increasingly anxious due to recent news reports, posts and tweets of this type. You are not alone. Sharing our stories can be an essential component of healing and recovery.

This group is designed to offer a safe place to explore and process your personal feelings, personal story and history with others who have similar experiences. Pre Screening is required. Start date TBD