Pay as You Can Therapy Screening

Are you experiencing…

  • Feelings of anxiety and/or sadness that are more bothersome than usual for you?
  • Feelings of being overwhelmed, however still able to function at work, home, school, etc.?
  • Symptoms that began in 2020 and were not present to this degree in 2019?
  • Economically impacted by COVID 19 by a loss of or significant reduction in income?

If you answered yes to these questions you qualify, based on availability, for our pay as you can therapy program.

What’s the therapy process like? 

You will receive an assessment and mental health education, a safe space for Emotional Processing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to challenge and reframe self-defeating thoughts and behaviors, Mindfulness Training. 

How do I start? 

First, consider what are you able to pay per session? $10 – $20 – $30 

Next, send us an email to request an intake appointment. Please include: 

  • A brief description of your symptoms and history of symptoms.
  • The fee you can afford.
  • Do you have insurance with a high copay or deductible? 
  • Your contact information and the best time for a telehealth appointment. 

Based on your intake assessment, we will develop a treatment plan with you or provide a referral so that you receive the best possible care. 

Other resources to consider: Therapy and Support Groups, Jax Therapy Network, and Psychology Today therapist finder websites, Better Help. 

IF YOUR SYMPTOMS ARE SEVERE Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255